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FAQ 's (Frequently asked questions)


How does it work?

Merchant will simply put a sign up stating that all prices displayed in the store reflect the 4% cash discounted price. For those customers who use credit cards, Price will be adjusted to the regular price and a 4% adjustment will reflect on your bill). This encourages your customers to pay cash if they have it!


Do I have to get a new terminal?

 Yes. The terminal that we send you is PCI, EBT, and EMV compliant, and is already pre-programmed to add the 4% service fee to the receipt as a separate line item. However if you already have the terminal that's needed, then no, we can simply just re program it. 


Do I need to adjust all of my prices in my store by 4%?

No. terminal is already pre programmed to add the 4% service fee to the receipt as a seperate line item. Therefore NO NEED  to go marking up any prices on all your inventory or doing any additional math on your end because we have made this program very simple, convenient and flexible for our merchants to easily fit this into their daily business transactions.

 What if my customers don't want to pay the additional fee?

Studies have shown that majority of customers do not mind paying the additional fee simply because of the convenience! Still not sure? Try our NO Contract service for 30 days (before canceling your current processor) to see how your customers will adjust rules! You will see that it will not make much of a difference if any at all! Just think, if customers are willing to pay $3-5 to take out $60 from an atm, they most likely will have no problem paying this at your store. $60x4% = $2.40. That's a difference of .60 they will be saving swiping their credit card at your store versus using an atm!


What companies are successfully already using this program?

There are many brand name companies such as Comcast, AT&T, COMED, US post office, and many more that are already using this exact type of program and have been using it for several years!


What types of business are using this program?:  Any business that accepts credit cards can use this program! Auto Repair, Auto Dealership, Pubs/ Bars, Bakeries, Boutiques, Doctor Offices, Dry Cleaners, Funeral Homes, Law Offices, Pet Grooming, Pizza Delivery, Restaurants, Smoke Shops, and many more (just to name a few)! 


Can I use this program for online transactions?  

Yes, We our now doing online purchase as well!!


Is this Legal?

Absolutely!  For many decades, credit card companies have had the upper hand on business owners, taking more money out of their pockets and decreasing their bottom line. Congress decided to side with business owners and passed a  new law (The Durbin Act) which states that a convenience fee can now be charged to the customer (up to  4%) help minimize the cost of excessive transaction fees.


what types of credit cards can I accept with this program?

You can accept all major credit cards! Visa, Mastercard, Discover and now even American Express!  Most businesses have not been able to accept American Express because of their high processing fees of 3.5%. With this new program, you NO longer have to worry about the cost and accept ALL credit cards!


IS Our Program is Flexible!?

You may choose to go back to traditional credit card processing (we offer extremely low rates) at any time. Also although we don't recommend doing this, you can on a case by case basis waive the 4% adjustment fee for only your loyal customers who pay by credit card. 


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